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Wrist Tattoo Design Ideas

Wrist tattoo can be beautiful (e.g. Keisha Cole wrist tatoo) and looks attractive in its own unique way and therefore can be one of your favorite choices, when it comes to have your very own unique tattoo design.

Wrist tattoo ideas are considered to be far better accessories than bracelets and watches by men. If you want to show your high threshold and bravery, getting a wrist tattoo is the best option. It is a known fact that getting a wrist tattoo is much more painful than having tattoos on other parts of the body.

In earlier times, a wrist tattoo design generally meant commitment to either gay or lesbian community. But with time, this association wrist tattoos with various movements of gay and lesbian communities have ceased and people now hardly identify wrist tattoos to any sort of third sex community.

There lies great amount of truth in the fact that getting a wrist tat demands more pain than getting it on any other portions of the body including the arms and the thigh. The basic scientific explanation lies in the fact that the skin on one’s wrist is the thinnest and due to this, it has much less tissues and flesh to cushion the tattoo needle when the tattooing process is carried out. But if you think that your threshold to pain is comparatively low, you may consider getting your tattoo placed on some other portions of your body.

Again, keep in mind before going for a wrist tattoo that these types of tats generally take much more time to heal than the conventional ones placed on other portions of the body. Since the skin in the wrist region renews itself faster, your favorite wrist tattoo is more likely to fade quickly than the ones on other portions of your body. We also have tattoo ideas on other parts of the body: ankle, arm, arm band, back, body, chest, foot, lower back and neck.

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